Maida by A-Grade
Maida – Wheat Flour (500gm)
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Maida – Wheat Flour (500gm)

70.00 55.00


We use Maida to make tasty snacks and fast-foods like Samosa, Pizzas, Namkeens, Noodles, Momos, etc.

Although Maida is not completely healthy if consumed daily, we at A-Grade provide the healthiest the Maida can be.

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A-Grade Maida is high in protein.

We assure consistency in the aroma, taste, and quality of our Maida.

We make Maida with extensive care. It is an essential component in Indian kitchens, and we use Maida to make not only fast-foods but bread and sweets as well.

We believe in hygienic packing and the best quality control to ensure the subtle texture of the flour.


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