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Dalia – Cracked Wheat (500gm)
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Dalia – Cracked Wheat (500gm)

65.00 55.00

  • Rich In Fiber
  • A Complete Meal
  • Weight Loss
  • Good Source of Minerals
  • It Keeps Your Tummy Full
  • Low-Fat Diet
  • Good for Diabetics
  • Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer
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Dalia or broken wheat is very healthy. It is full of benefits. It is, in fact, more vigorous than wheat flour. Dalia is an excellent food for people of all age groups. Therefore, we should include n our everyday diet.

Benefits of Consuming Dalia:

Rich In Fiber: Dalia is very rich in fiber content. That is why it cures constipation and increases metabolism.

A Complete Meal: Just like milk, Dalia is also a complete meal. It has loads of nutrients that make it an ideal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a dish for an evening snack.

Weight Loss: Dalia is ideal for those who want to have a flat tummy. Consume it prepared in hot milk or fry it with vegetables. Dalia, in any form, is an excellent source of macro and micronutrients.

Excellent Source of Minerals: It is a good source of the daily requirement of fiber and manganese.

It Keeps Your Tummy Full: It is slow to digest, so it keeps our tummy full for long and does not let you get hunger pangs.

Low-Fat Diet: It is extremely low in fat content. Thus, it is terrific even for those who have any issues with the fear of putting on weight.

Suitable for Diabetics: Those patients who are suffering from Diabetes, can eat it and remain healthy for a more extended period.

Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer: Women who consume it regularly have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who do not consume enough fiber daily.

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