Boora by A-Grade
Boora – Premium Sugar (500gm)
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Boora – Premium Sugar (500gm)

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  • Bura sugar contains molasses (the brown portion of the sugarcane juice) which possesses certain minerals in very small amounts.
  • These include calcium, vitamins B3, B5, B5, and iron.
  • The darker the Boora sugar, the higher the content of molasses.
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A-Grade makes Boora from Non-acidic, sulfur less, double refined sugar.

It is ideal for making sweets.

A-Grade Boora is the ideal choice for making Indian sweets. It has a beautiful sandy texture and is free-flowing, lump-free, and stays fresh for long periods.

Note: The company may change product Packaging at any point in time without any notification. Product packing may differ from the image. And it may become hard if not stored properly. Transfer contents from the pouch to an airtight container and keep in a cool and dry place. Never use a wet spoon to scoop out the Boora.

  • Make traditional Indian Mithais like Laddoo, Halwa, Peda, Barfi, etc.
  • It Mixes well in both hot and cold beverages like sherbets, cocktails, lemonade, etc.
  • Non- GMO, Vegan, fairtrade product

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